Because of the volume of mail I get, please read this carefully before contacting me to ensure a prompt and helpful reply.

  • Tutorial Requests – I am always happy to get ideas for tutorials, so please feel free to send them. However, I am not able commit to doing custom tutorials as my time is limited. I do however offer tutoring at a small fee, so if you need very personalized replies on topics that I haven’t covered in a tutorial or need clarifying information outside of the comments section I will be happy to tutor you and post a tutorial for your reference at a fee. If you can wait, then send your idea and I will try (no guarantees) to cover it. Please spend some time on Google search and in the different forums out there, there’s a lot of information to guide you if you have the patience to look for it.
  • Project Help – I am happy to help you figure out what’s going on with your project, but again this will be at a small fee.
  • General Feedback/Banter – Fire away! I enjoy the interaction 🙂
  • Hiring Me – Yes please.  Fire away! I like being able to pay my bills 🙂
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