I currently reside in the beautiful City of Sails – Auckland, New Zealand.  Prior to this I lived in the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, PA, USA) for several years.  I have many interests and wear many hats, but here, I am simply a developer, a lifelong learner, a geek, a sharer.

This is a blog to talk about coding – programming. I will share tutorials, resources that I find useful, programming tips and tools, helpful websites and forums, and other interesting coding-related stuff. I will also be posting about my own coding adventures and some of my present and past projects, as well as new stuff and code that I pick up along the way.

If you find this blog interesting and/or useful and want to say thank you with more than just words, feel free to buy me a drink, or get me something from my Amazon Wishlist.

So welcome to the Coding Pad, take off your shoes, and enjoy your stay! Go back to the blog

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  1. Thanks for your tutorials and work on Modx. I’m currently going through the documentation and learning it. I’m testing it on my own site, so there’s nothing there but the template Modx comes with and will have it back to normal soon. I enjoyed your screencast on the differences between 0.96 and 1.00 versions. Keep up the good work.

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