My PHP/mySQL Journey

I finally decided to start learning PHP/mySQL in a serious fashion. I am going to be posting my learning process in this blog under the PHP Journey category. I will be adding the new skills that I learned and any tips and tricks that I have found. I will also be adding links to useful resources and tools that I am using, so if you’re a newbie like me or a seasoned PHP coder, journey along with me as I delve into this. When I learn something useful that might be a help to someone who is learning also, I will post it here, so stay tuned!


This is a blog to talk about coding – programming. I will share resources that I am finding useful, programming tips and tools, helpful websites and forums, and other interesting coding-related stuff. I will also be posting about my own coding adventures. I will be posting some of my present and past projects, as well as new stuff and code that I pick up along the way. So welcome to the Coding Pad, take off your shoes, and enjoy your stay!