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I am still working on the starting stages of PHP, with real life and other obligations interfering frequently, so progress has been a tad slow. However, I have been spending a lot of time on different websites and forums learning, and getting motivated. In this post I will share some of these useful links and resources, and will be adding them as I go, so keep an eye on the Useful Links and Resources category. The ordering of these links is pretty random and does not reflect any kind of ranking.

So here goes:

  • PHP Official website – This is the home of PHP, and your best source for information on bugs, updates, and PHP documentation. There is also an extensive faq, mailing lists, and a page of useful links. Definitely your best first stop for all things PHP.
  • Digital Point Forums – Webmaster forums with a section for PHP. This is an excellent site to join and ask questions about any coding problems, and to learn about web design and webmaster issues in general. Excellent responses from members.
  • Sitepoint Forums – Another excellent webmaster forum and great resource for anyone venturing into PHP. Very helpful place.
  • HypertextFever Forums – This is a new forum that’s really cool and shows great promise for being a great resource. It has a lot more of a personal feel to it. While the bigger more established forums are awesome, sometimes when you’re a novice you need a smaller setting so that you don’t feel too intimidated… I know I do. Great quality responses, and the owner of the forum is a PHP/MySQL guru, and responds fast and extensively to all questions, so this is a great place for anyone who wants to learn and grow.
  • Joe Watkins – PHP Programmer – This website is a bit more advanced but has useful PHP scripts and interesting tips and code. You can register and subscribe to the feed to get the latest posts.

There are numerous more and I will be adding them as I go, after I evaluate them. I may eventually build a link page to list them all. If you know any exceptional ones that should absolutely not be left out please feel free to leave a comment and I will add them to my growing list!

For now… happy coding!

5 thoughts on “PHP Resources”

  1. Thanks so much for your support! I know it is a little bit newer, but the forums are slowly growing, and there is already a slew of good information on there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Joe Watkins is a PHP master. Good call to promote his web site.

    All three of us (Joe, Mary, and I) post on Digital Point. It’s how Mary found in the first place!!! ^.^

    And is an indispensable resource for all PHP programmers, novice or guru.

  2. Bo,

    Thanks for the comment. I’m happy to support websites that are helpful to me, and most certainly is!

    I agree that Joe is a PHP master. Some of the scripts on his site are pretty cool, and make me want to drop EVERYTHING, lock myself in my room, and learn PHP until I can do stuff like that!

  3. Hi Mary,

    I am researching the impact of a project and came across this blog post from way back …

    I just wanted to say thanks for the compliment ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. You’re welcome Joe. That used to be a great site but seems to have disappeared now. I’m going to update this post soon, so let me know if you have this site going back up or if it’s gone for good


  4. Hi Mary,

    While I wasn’t looking one of those awful domain parking mass domain buyers snatched it up because it has a bit of PR way back. The chances of getting it back are quite slim . I have shot off a few emails and asked, I would like it for blog space … we’ll see …..

    I do have a new project, ignore the fact that you have probably read that what I am about to say is impossible: I am krakjoe … something is only impossible if I, personally, cannot do it …

    That is an OO multi-threading API for PHP, supported by every platform and even, the most popular ( and probably untested ) SAPI’s … take a minute for that to sink in … it is, bar none, the most complicated thing I will ever write, but also, the coolest. All of the attention I can spare goes on developing, documenting and supporting the idea.

    So, that’s what I’m up to all these years later, feel free to swap out the old links for the new, and or blog about it ๐Ÿ™‚


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