Large csv file? Download the CSV Splitter

If you have a large csv file that you have tried to open in Excel, you know how troublesome that can be, because Excel is limited in the number of rows and columns of data it can handle – 65,536 rows of data and 256 columns per worksheet. Truncation of rows or columns in excess of the limit is automatic and is not configurable.

I discussed this problem before in the post Splitting large csv files – the CSV Splitter where I introduced you to Scorpion’s nifty little program, the CSV splitter, which takes large csv files and splits them into separate smaller files and you decide how many rows you want each file to be. Previously, as you will see if you read my post on Splitting large csv files, you had to register on the forums to be able to download it. Scorpion just updated me that he has now provided a direct download link so that you no longer have to register but can download the csv splitter directly.

You can now download the csv splitter directly here.

The program is easy to use and is a lifesaver if you are like me and frequently work with large csv files. You can Splitting large csv files – the CSV Splitter read more about the csv splitter, and please do leave a thank you for Scorpion.

2 thoughts on “Large csv file? Download the CSV Splitter”

  1. JP,
    Thanks for the link! Macros are a great way to do stuff in Excel, and I used to use them a lot, so this is a great find. I will have to try it out and see how well it works.

    Thanks for sharing. By the way, great website you have there, it’s an excellent resource and I’ve bookmarked it and subscribed to your blog!


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