Belated Happy New 2009! It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been, as always, busy with real (offline) life, and many online projects. My income generating job has been busy, and now I’m back in school, which hasn’t allowed me much time for much else.

However, I am still here, coding away whenever I get the chance, and learning lots of stuff to share with you. In this brief post I want to talk about what you can expect from the Coding Pad in the coming year:

More Drupal:
I hope that after following my Drupal for beginners series you’ve been able to advance and learn more by yourself in exploring this powerful CMS. As you may recall I based this series of tutorials on Drupal 5. I will do more tutorials on Drupal 5 because of its stability and modules available, but I will also be advancing into Drupal 6 and blogging about that too.

Programming Tutorials:
I really haven’t done any programming tutorials as I initially planned to, but you can expect that to change in the coming year. I have been messing around with a few coding projects and will be sharing these.

Other Content Management Systems:
I will be covering other content management systems besides Drupal (even though it is currently my favorite). Expect to see tutorials and posts about WordPress, MODXCMS, and others.

Random Computing topics: – definitely. I also anticipate that I’ll be talking more about web design topics, software tips and tricks, sharing more resources, and all that good stuff, so hang around and subscribe to stay updated.

I am also hoping for more guest posts, so if you have any interesting topics to blog about related to coding, scripting, content management systems, etc.. send them over, along with a brief bio about yourself and a link

My first big project is going to be overhauling the Coding Pad. One of my biggest gripes with WordPress is the frequent upgrades you must do to keep it secure. I am considering switching the coding pad to Drupal or some other platform, but haven’t made a final decision yet.

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  1. Welcome back! There’s a plugin for that — WordPress Automatic Upgrade will make upgrading easy for you.

  2. Thanks JP. I’ll definitely try it!

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