NETTUTS+ Screencasts and Bonus Tutorials The folks over at Nettuts+ have posted today what promises to be the best PSD to HTML to WordPress Video tutorial series ever.  To access this series, you need to be a member of the tuts+ network, one of the sponsors of our MODx Blog Contest.

Joining the tuts+ network is easy, it will cost you only $9 a month, or $22 for three months (better deal), or $78 for a year (best deal), and gives you access to the entire tuts+ network premium tutorials.  This is not something you want to miss.

Here is a lesson overview:

  1. Intro – (3:53)
  2. Slicing the PSD – (16:32)
  3. Coding the HTML – (3:53)
  4. The CSS – (55:52)
  5. Installing WordPress / Working on the Server – (24:57)
  6. WordPress Header – (9:17)
  7. From Static to Dynamic – (12:04)
  8. Search / Sidebar – – (8:53)
  9. Sidebar Widgets – (9:47)
  10. Revising the CSS – (37:21)
  11. Single Page Template – (4:44)
  12. Comments – (10:26)
  13. The Page Template – (5:15)
  14. Finishing Up – (16:54)

You don’t need to have ever sliced a PSD before, or be an expert at PHP, HTML or CSS to follow this series.  The knowledge you will gain from this series alone is way worth more than the $22 for a three month membership, so what are you waiting for?? Join the tuts+ network today and get started!!

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  1. I have not seen all the video disappeared. you have anything saved?

    • Maxi
      The videos are definitely still available on the NETTUTS PLUS site but you have to be a PLUS member of the TUTS plus network to access them. It’s $9 a month but you get access to all the TUTS plus sites. Definitely a deal. Just follow the links on the posts to join, and then once you log in as a PLUS member you will be able to have access to them.


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