Recently I was approached by the good folks at HostColor, a Web Hosting company that is a gold sponsor of MODx CMS, to write for a new column on their blog.  So now I am a contributor over at the HostColor Blog, and you can find my articles in my column “Mary’s Corner“.

Most of my articles on that blog will be focused on different content management systems and scripts, and how to use them on HostColor’s hosting service.  I’ve started ofcourse with MODx but will be venturing into other CMSs and scripts over time.  On the Coding Pad I tend to focus more on some specific CMSs in depth, but on that column, if all goes well, there will be more variety in terms of scripts covered.


Some people have asked me why not concentrate all my efforts on writing here on my own blog. Well, the answer is simple.  I need to make ends meet.  Unfortunately, much as I enjoy writing tutorials and making screencasts to teach others what I know, so far it has been a time consuming activity that doesn’t pay the bills 🙁  So I have to distribute my energy efficiently to allow me to keep doing this while still making some income.  I hope that you will all continue to support me here and on Mary’s Corner with your comments and feedback, and by donating what you can, so that I can continue doing this.

What about the Coding Pad?

I will still continue to post here as I have been doing, so don’t worry about that. I have a lot of ideas and projects that have the potential for some detailed extensive tutorials, so stay tuned and subscribed. I will also do a monthly roundup of my posts on Mary’s Corner here so that you can keep up with what I’m posting there as well as here.

If you’re looking for a web host, don’t hesitate to check out HostColor to see what they have to offer.

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