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In this first of a series of interviews on the Coding Pad, I talked to Shaun McCormick, MODx Foundation and Lead UI Developer. shaun_mccormick1. Hi Shaun, most of us who are members of the MODx community know you better as splittingred (your MODx forums username).  Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Hi, I work for Collabpad, the company behind MODx, and work from home in Austin, Texas (the best city in the US). I love my wife Jamie, Jesus, playing any instrument I can get my hands on, audio recording, chess, poker, my church Hope in the City, and fruit snacks. I am also always up for a good game of basketball, even though I will usually lose. Did I mention I love fruit snacks? :) 2. What is your development background? When did you start programming, what languages have you worked with?