Quick Tip: Removing Orphaned Packages in Manjaro

I was running into trouble trying to update my Manjaro on my MacBook Pro today, I kept running into package conflicts which could not be resolved.  Pacman suggested deleting certain packages but the delete would not complete because of dependencies. So the issue was how to resolve dependencies in Manjaro and how to remove unwanted packages.

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Installing Fedora 10 to Dual Boot with Windows XP

fedora-bootIn this post I am going to walk you, briefly, through the steps I followed to install Fedora 10 on my Thinkpad T43 which already has Windows XP professional running. I have installed Linux before for someone else, but never on a computer that had another OS on it, so I was quite nervous because this is my primary laptop on which I do most of my school and work stuff.

The goal of installing Fedora is to start myself towards incorporating open source and free tools in my everyday work and life, and supporting the open source movement.

I don’t have screenshots of my install process to share but you can find some excellent screenshots on the links at the bottom of this post.

Pre Install Information

I will start  by sharing my basic Laptop info: It’s a Thinkpad T43P

Intel(R) Pentium(R) M
Processor: 2.00GHz
1.00GB of RAM
80GB hard drive
Currently running  Windows XP Pro, SP2

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