From XHTML/CSS to MODx Template – Part 1

In this first part of a series of five screencasts, we are going to go through the process of porting an XHTML/CSS template into a MODx website.  I recorded these screencasts while working on an actual live project so there’s a bit of fumbling and issues that come up that I try to think and work through. I thought it would be an interesting teaching and learning experience on working with MODx templates and I hope that someone will find this series helpful and instructive.

As I mention in the screencast, I am not doing a written version of this information because it’s all pretty much the same as I covered in the MODx beginner series (see useful links below).  Bear in mind as you watch this screencast that the website we’re working on is a project in progress and so it may appear different than you see it in this screencast.

Useful Links:

MODx Beginner Series
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