Akismet + WP SpamFree = Happy WordPress Blogging

Blog comment spam is inevitable.  That’s just the reality.  Akismet and WP-SpamFree are two plugins that together have saved me a lot of time moderating comments on my blog.

Just a quick look at my most recent spam stats since I activated the two – I first activated Akismet and then realized I needed more:


Now I’m still a small fish in the world of blogging, but I can honestly say these two plugins are life savers.  Akismet comes preinstalled with recent versions of WordPress, and you can download WP Spamfree from Scott Allen’s website .  You can leave him a nice thank you or follow him on Twitter (@TheWebGeek) and say thanks to him there.  You can also WP SpamFree on Twitter (@WP-SpamFree) 🙂

What plugins/strategies do you find useful for fighting spam on your wordpress blog?

4 thoughts on “Akismet + WP SpamFree = Happy WordPress Blogging”

  1. I’ve tried it out, and it works great. Try it, and even if you’re using Akismet, you’ll notice you don’t have the tons of Akismet spam to go through… if you go through it at all. Eliminate comment spam with wp-spamfree!

  2. Well they both are really good plugins. If you have activated them both and installed re-capcha you can leave your comments auto approved, because spammers will stuck in those plugins.

    But problem about those plugins is that many legit comments gets on the spam list. Okay there is small percent but my sides do not have thousands of comments daily so 5-8 comments that are false-positive spam comments are deleted.

  3. Akismet isn’t perfect, unfortunately. I should know. It even marks my comments as spam sometimes. There’s not really much you can do to Aksimet about this, but you should also be running Bad Behavior, to keep out the spammers before they even hit your site at all. (Which means there’s far less junk to view in the Akismet Spam page.)

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