Akismet + WP SpamFree = Happy WordPress Blogging

Blog comment spam is inevitable.  That’s just the reality.  Akismet and WP-SpamFree are two plugins that together have saved me a lot of time moderating comments on my blog.

Just a quick look at my most recent spam stats since I activated the two – I first activated Akismet and then realized I needed more:


Now I’m still a small fish in the world of blogging, but I can honestly say these two plugins are life savers.  Akismet comes preinstalled with recent versions of WordPress, and you can download WP Spamfree from Scott Allen’s website .  You can leave him a nice thank you or follow him on Twitter (@TheWebGeek) and say thanks to him there.  You can also WP SpamFree on Twitter (@WP-SpamFree) 🙂

What plugins/strategies do you find useful for fighting spam on your wordpress blog?