In part 2 of this series, we start pulling the XHTML/CSS template into the MODx website and using MODx placeholders to dynamically pull in information and settings into our site. I just want to quickly mention that the reason I had to address the issue with jQuery and QuickEdit is because I upgraded this site from so QuickEdit module and plugin were present and active.  If you’re working on a website that started out in Evolution 1.0.+ I believe you will not have Quickedit because it’s not included in that package. Enjoy, and I look forward to your feedback.

Useful Links:

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MODx Wiki – Tags/Placeholders
Using jQuery with other Libraries

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  1. I installed the modx Revolution with no problem but I AM LOST IN SPACE because everything is different, can’t follow the tutorial. I guess I’ll have to install Evolution first.

    • Yes, this tutorial is for Evolution, not Revolution. I’ll be doing some Revo ones soon but in the meantime check the official docs on the MODx site to get you started if you want to stick with Revo.

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