MODx and Drupal – Some Thoughts

modxdrupalRecently on Twitter I made the comment that I love MODx and Drupal equally.  James Rotering from The CMS less traveled found that statement interesting and decided to dig a little deeper.  He sent me some pointed and very detailed questions about my thoughts on the two CMSs and the results of that interview are now posted on his blog.  These questions were interesting for me to answer because I realized I’ve always taken it for granted that each CMS has a place in my little world and I’ve just gone on blissfully enjoying having these excellent toys available to me and having the freedom to use one or the other.  So this was a great opportunity to reflect on and analyze my own short history in web development and to articulate my thoughts and opinions (accurate or misguided as they may be 🙂 ).  One wonderful side effect of doing this interview was a renewed appreciation for the developers of Drupal and MODx for sharing their wonderful creations with the rest of us, and for the amazing open source community out there that continues to support, enhance, extend, and make possible things that would otherwise just be a v ery expensive dream for most of us.  So thank you all 🙂

Thank you James for the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed on your blog. Be sure to check out James’ other posts, he’s a great writer and I’m looking forward to reading more from him.

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