Free Books – iPhone, PHP, HTML/CSS, Gimp

freeI will start with a small disclaimer – most of these are used books.  They’re in great condition, but they’re not brand new (except for the iPhone book). I’m in the process of clearing my shelves and decided that instead of dropping these off at the closest goodwill store or selling them on Amazon or eBay  I should instead give them away here to my readers.

The Books

The books that are up for grabs are:

1. Head First iPhone Development – with thanks to O’Reilly Publishing for kindly giving me this extra copy.  You can read the review I wrote of this book here.

2. Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework by J.W. Gilmore

3. HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions by Christopher Murphy and Niklas Person – I reviewed this book here.

4. Beginning GIMP – this covers an older version of GIMP but I found it useful for getting started.

How to Enter?

All you need to do is write a comment telling me two things:

1. What book you want

2. What your favorite tutorial on this blog is

Due to postage costs I will only be giving these away to people residing in the U.S.

This giveaway is open for two weeks, at the end of which (May 19th) I will randomly pick the winners and announce them here. So drop me a comment with the two pieces of info mentioned above to enter the giveaway, or just to say hey 🙂

11 thoughts on “Free Books – iPhone, PHP, HTML/CSS, Gimp”

  1. I would really love to get the easy php websites with zend framework book.

    As for my favourite tutorial it has to be : Building websites with Modx for newbies tutorial series.

    fingers crossed :P.

  2. I want them all accept gimp because I don’t know what that is. I purchased the head first C# recently and have gotten through the first couple chapters because I want to get into more programing after my game programing class this semester which we used a lot of AS3. I heard C# is a good beginning to C++ then objective C. Practically I should have gotten head first Java or J query because its more practical for what I want to get into for $ which is web development ( btw you should have a head first amazon link) Head first is the best programing book for learning I have purchased so far and will prob stick them them for now on when I start a new language. After saying all of that I guess the Html / CSS would be the most useful to me.

    The tutorial I visit the most are your Modx ones. It seems like the CMS I want to stick with after messing with WP for the past year. I like the fact that its easier for designers with the tag / template system but that has also shown me I don’t know squat about css like I should. Ug so much to learn with such a little brain but I love it

  3. First, I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and valuable information on modx, started to follow and learn from your tutorials:).

    My Favourite:
    Screencast – MODx Beginner Series
    Part 7: Introducing Ditto and Part 8: More Ditto

    Book: HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions or Beginning GIMP (I live in Brazil, if can not, no problem.)

    []’s best regards, directly from Brazil ^^

  4. 1. The iPhone Dev book.
    2. The Drupal Beginner series, it’s the best one I have seen on the whole web. I hope you have more planned.



  5. Thanks for playing guys, you each get the book you chose since not many people were interested. Scipio, Brendan and Jon, send me your mailing addresses via the contact form and I’ll put the books in the mail for you.
    Marcio, I’m sorry I can’t mail internationally at the moment, but thanks for posting your comment 🙂


  6. Are there any books left I would like html and css since I am taking the intro to website class at Kaplan. I don’t really have a fav tutorial site I have done some coding and I use the w3c site since it is the bible for coding for web pages.

  7. Thanks for the book Mary! I’m almost done. Its cool how things come together about proper semantic building after hacking up html the past year. alot of stuff makes better sense now

    1. You’re welcome Brendan! Yeah, it totally makes sense doesn’t it? That book really helped me get back to basics and learn how to code it right.

      Glad you’ve found it useful as well! 🙂


  8. I had not completed your MODx tutorial when MODx 2.0 Revolution was released. Can your current MODx Beginner Series be used with MODx 2.0 or have things changed too much.


    1. Lance
      There are some significant changes in Revo that will make most parts of this tutorial series not quite compatible. The underlying concepts may be the same in some ways, but you’ll find some syntax changes, and some different snippets. So it may be a good idea if working with Revo to take a look at the official docs – so you can get a good idea of the differences


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