After my post on flat-file content management systems, I learned about a new CMS that started out as a fork of the nanoCMS that I referenced in my earlier post. (You can read more about nanocms and flat-file systems here). smiffy6969, the creator of razorCMS, encouraged me to test his CMS to see how it works, so after much procrastination, I have finally started. I have installed the very basic core of the CMS on a subdomain and called it the razorCMS Testing Pad. I’ve edited the default home page to have some custom text and set the site name and footer.

I plan to add more content, some bladepacks, and just generally see how the CMS performs in terms of speed, functionality, ease of use, and scalability. I will be posting here as I make changes to the site. Because I have a relatively hectic offline life, please be patient if updates don’t come as frequently as they should.

For some background info, downloads, and to learn more about razorCMS, please visit the razorCMS home page. You should also check out the razorCMS forums for support and more information.

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