After much deliberation over the entries received for the MODx Blog Contest, I have selected the winners.  I have to admit that it wasn’t an easy task, and this being the first contest that I have held on this blog, I wanted to be sure that I was fair and that the winning entries were chosen based on the criteria that I had set out in the contest post. I wish I had prizes for everyone who entered 🙁

My goal in holding this contest, as stated in the initial post, was to get some exposure to the MODx content management system, to encourage people to participate and to share knowledge and ideas, and to see what people could build using MODx.  This was intended to be a learning experience, and I think I can say that this goal was, and continues to be met.

My criteria for ranking the winners was not based on the quality of the submissions, since this was meant to be a learning experience, but rather on how I felt the users would best benefit from the prizes offered. Remember that this was aimed primarily at MODx newbies building simple websites 🙂

So on with the winners, selected based on their entries, and their demonstration of what they’ve learned in the process through their writeups.

First Prize: Ian


Wins a copy of the MODx Web Development book by Antonio Solar John courtesy of  Packt Publishing, a namecheap account with $20 credit, courtesy of the Coding Pad, and a three month membership to the tuts+ network courtesy of tuts+.

Second Prize: Paul

Wins a copy of the MODx Web Development book by Antonio Solar John courtesy of  Packt Publishing, and  a 3 month membership to the tuts+ network courtesy of tuts+.

Third Prize: Goes to Jason

Will get an ebook of his choice from  Packt Publishing (since he already has the MODx book), courtesy of the Coding Pad, and some free MODx consulting from’s Shane Sponagle, an experienced MODx Developer.  You get to choose from one of two consulting options: an analysis of your MODx website with a report on how to improve your website, or 2 hours of email support consulting.  You will have three months from the day the contest ends to utilize the consultation.

Fourth Prize: Jules

For her entry, Jules will get a one month membership to the tuts+ network courtesy of the Coding Pad

Fifth Prize: Butchman


Wins himself a one month membership to the tuts+ network courtesy of the Coding Pad

CONGRATULATIONS to Ian, Paul, Jason, Jules, and Butchman for being the winners in the first ever Coding Pad contest 🙂

I received several entries from seasoned MODx’ers who from their sites and by their write ups demonstrated a deeper knowledge of MODx and it’s workings. I want to give a special mention to these three entries:

However, I didn’t think I could fairly judge these entries up and against those built within the four week contest period as I had specified in the original post.  I do thank you all for your entries and for sharing your knowledge with us.  Many kudos to you and I hope you continue to share your knowledge of MODx with the community.

And many thanks once again to the contest sponsors – Packt Publishing, Tuts+ and Shane Sponagle .

To the winners, I will email you with details on how to claim your prizes using the emails you used to comment on this blog.  Thank you all once again, I only wish I had prizes for everyone, congratulations to the winning entries, and I look forward to seeing how the websites progress as your knowledge of MODx grows and expands!

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  1. Great competition, thanks for the mention and congratulations to all the winners!

  2. Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

  3. Congrats to all the winners! Kudos to all the entrants too and very big props to Mary for organising the competition! 😀

  4. Congrats everyone! and thank you Mary for running this contest.

    @Ian see man, you got first place! If I remember correctly you were worried about making a fool out of yourself.

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  6. Congratulations to all the Winners, thanks to The Coding Pad this was a very nice contest.

  7. Hi Mary,

    I found your site over YouTube by searching for MODx-tutorials, cause I’m interested to revise my blog eventually with MODx. But then I saw, that you use WordPress for your private blog. Can you tell something about, why you’re using WordPress and not MODx for it? That could help me a lot, because I’m actually at the point to revise my actual WordPress-installation or to build a complete new page based on MODx.

    • Ben,
      Sorry for the late response, somehow I missed your comment and question. I use WordPress for my blog because I believe WordPress is ideally suited for blogging. I am one of those people who don’t believe there’s any one perfect CMS, I advocate strongly for “choosing the right tool for the job.” You can check out more of my thoughts about this topic in this post: Advocating for the Right CMS, Not the Best CMS.

      While MODX Revolution now has the Articles addon intended to make blogging easier, I still much prefer to use WordPress for blogging since that’s something that WordPress has more or less perfected over time, and I don’t see any reason to switch to anything else. When WordPress stops meeting my blogging needs then I will explore other options.

      Hope this helps and answers your question



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