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After much deliberation over the entries received for the MODx Blog Contest, I have selected the winners.  I have to admit that it wasn't an easy task, and this being the first contest that I have held on this blog, I wanted to be sure that I was fair and that the winning entries were chosen based on the criteria that I had set out in the contest post. I wish I had prizes for everyone who entered :( My goal in holding this contest, as stated in the initial post, was to get some exposure to the MODx content management system, to encourage people to participate and to share knowledge and ideas, and to see what people could build using MODx.  This was intended to be a learning experience, and I think I can say that this goal was, and continues to be met.

OK, this is my last call for submissions into the MODx blog contest.  I think almost everyone who had declared their intent to enter has submitted their entry, with the exception of a couple of people. So just a quick reminder to all, the contest ends Thursday at 11:59p Eastern Time (U.S).  At that time I will close the comments…

The MODx Blog contest is now winding down. We have already received some submissions, and we're counting down... less than two weeks to the end.  If you haven't  submitted your entry, please make sure to do so before the morning of Friday May 8th.  I will close the comments section to the contest post shortly after that so that we…

I'm excited to announce a new blog contest at the Coding Pad today!! :) In partnership with Dorien Herremans, author of the Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide ebook, we will be running a blog contest focused on building community websites with Drupal. I've been building a series of Drupal beginner tutorials here, but I'm sure you're itching to learn more, build more, and explore Drupal's power past the basics. Well, here's a suggestion for you - build a community website!! How?  By getting and learning, and working along with an excellent book - Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide ebook!! :) Up for grabs are three copies of this awesome ebook that walks you step by step through the process of building a Community Website using Drupal.  I wrote my inital impressions about this book in a prior blog post (Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide Book - Initial Impressions) -  and since then have continued to be impressed by the author's approach and the content of the book. How to Enter: It's real easy!