Introducing MODx Video Tutorials

I’ve been working on a new project recently – MODx Video Tutorials is a blog dedicated purely to MODx screencasts and video tuts.

After posting numerous written tutorials here on the coding pad blog I have found that sharing knowledge is something I enjoy doing. When I ventured into creating screencasts, I found that after getting past my voice shyness, I really enjoyed doing those as well. After a lot of thought I have decided to create a separate blog purely for MODx screencasts, and keep this blog for written tutorials and possibly screencasts on other topics.

The MODx Video Tutorials site is built on MODx Revolution. The main snippets used are Wayfinder for the menu, getResources for the blog pages, getPage for pagination, and Archivist for the archives. The tasks still pending are to add a contact form using FormIt and tagLister for tagging. I also use Batcher and CodeMirror on the backend.

For commenting, I debated using Quip or a system like Disqus for a traditional commenting setup, but in the end I decided on going with a forum system for comments and discussions for this site. So I have set up a forum – the MODx Video Tutorials Forum using myBB. I haven’t done an integration between MODx and myBB as I didn’t need it for this site, and very soon MODx Revo will have a native discussion forum according to the core developers.

So if you’re a visual learner and like to watch screencasts, I hope you find MODx Video Tutorials helpful. It’s still in its very basic stages with just a few screencasts but I’ll be adding more regularly.  You can bookmark the site or subscribe to the MODx Video Tutorials feed.  You can also keep track of new screencasts by checking the coding pad sidebar.

Feel free to join the MODx Video Tutorials Forum, introduce yourself, and talk about the screencasts – post corrections, questions, ideas, etc. Remember that this forum is specifically for discussing the screencasts and acts as a commenting replacer, and is not for general MODx discussions or official MODx support.

Enjoy 🙂 I look forward to your feedback.

4 thoughts on “Introducing MODx Video Tutorials”

  1. Hi,
    Cant thank you enough for such a great work you have done.
    I have a question… Do you think it is too much problem to upgrade MODX Rev from 2.0.x to the new 2.1?
    Would there be any recommendations you could provide?… I just started to work on the site, so a backup would not be needed I guess.

  2. hi Mary,

    The layout is actually the same as it is on this site 😉

    But in this case, i suppose, it is not important.

    From the other hand, I really like the idea to create a website for tutorial videos on 1 topic.

    you’ve done really well.

    good luck with your projects,

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