MODX Revolution Beginner Tutorials Updated to Revolution 2.2

Just a quick post to let you all know that the MODX Revolution Beginner Tutorials series has been updated to reflect the changes made in MODX Revolution 2.2.  Initially these tutorials were written using Revolution 2.0.x, but MODX has since graduated to 2.2.x.

The series is now up to 11 parts and there are still more installments to come, but to keep up to date, it was important to me to ensure that those who are starting the series now are able to relate what they see on their screen with what is represented in these tutorials.

So what are the major changes that I’ve made that would affect someone who has used or is using these tutorials?

  1. Screenshots: Some of the screenshots are different enough that they would potentially confuse someone who is new to MODX and trying to work through these tutorials.
  2. Articles: In my getResources tutorial I used the word Articles frequently to describe a section of the site that I was building. However, MODX subsequently released a blogging extra called “Articles“, and I realized that this could potentially cause some confusion since I was using getResources to create blog-like functionality in the Articles section of my demo site (see the problem?) This getResources tutorial has therefore had to be overhauled significantly and hopefully there will be no confusion 🙂  And I WILL be covering the Articles extra in a future installment.
  3. Broken Links: Finally, I have also needed to update some links and delete others that pointed to old forum posts that I can no longer find since became migrated to the new forum system.

So to anyone looking to learn MODX Revolution using this series of tutorials, you can be assured that they are up to date to the best of my knowledge.

If you notice any conflicts, confusing issues, broken links, etc., leave a comment, tweet me on twitter, or send me a message using the contact form and I’ll fix them.  You can also ping me on facebook at

The next big project is to record updated screencasts for the MODX Video Tutorials website.  Wish me luck 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

3 thoughts on “MODX Revolution Beginner Tutorials Updated to Revolution 2.2”

  1. I wish more than luck but grace. But I’m wandering why there is this sort of marked difference btw MODx2.0 and 2.2: almost introducing a new learning curve with each release. Or is the modX TEAM IN A SUCH A HURRY WITH NEW RELEASES? The templating approach with modx will make it surpass Drupal if they can find a way to reduce the amount of re-learning users need to make for every release

  2. So far so good. Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorials. Im going slow and learning a lot. I hope to be able to contribute back to the MODX Community by the end of 2013.

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