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In this short post I am going to cover the workaround to a problem I've run into installing MODx Revolution (currently in Beta 5) on Wampserver.   I am using the most current version of Wampserver at the time of this posting - 2.0i, with Apache 2.2.11, MySQL 5.1.36, and PHP 5.2.11.   By default Wampserver 2.0 comes with PHP 5.3.0 but you can add on other versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP and switch between them as needed.  I've been running Wampserver with the 5.2.11 version of PHP because I'm working on some old projects that haven't quite caught up with 5.3 yet and throw a lot of errors when I try to run them in 5.3. When I start the install, it works fine until the point where the Installation Summary shows up and I get an error regarding the MySQL client version.

In this third installment of the Beginner's Corner series of screencasts, we're going to put together what we've learned so far and start installing scripts on our local development environment.  We will learn the general steps that are involved in getting the scripts to run successfully on our local server. In case you missed them, here are the links to…