Want to Take MODx (Evolution or Revolution) for a Test Run?


If you want to take MODx Revolution beta (or any other MODx release) for a test run without going through the install process for yourself, you can do so at MODx Demo, a website that lets you try out both the front end and the back end to get a feel for it.

Those of you who’ve been following my MODx tutorials already have a nice feel for Evolution but you may not have ventured into the world of MODx Revolution yet, so this is a great way to see what it looks like and get a feel for the changes.

Make sure you take a glance at the Demo limitations so you know what to expect.


UPDATE: Looks like the demo has been removed from the site.  If I find another one or it gets restored I will post an update here.  If you guys know of any revo demos that people can play with let me know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Want to Take MODx (Evolution or Revolution) for a Test Run?”

  1. Wow…I didn’t know that ModX Revolution has a demo website..thanks for this info. I’m a ModX fan for the past 2 years….although ModX is lagging behind other Open Source CMSs, Revolution should restore it back to its glory days…

    1. David,
      you’re right, seems that the site owner removed the demo. Not sure if there’s another demo anywhere on the web. I will update the post.

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