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Welcome to this new series of tutorials on the MODx CMS where we're going to be talking about creating custom snippets for MODx Evolution 1.0.x.  We've been building a website called Learn MODx and so far it's just a simple but functional website.  We're going to keep building on and enhancing this website.  Before we proceed, I should mention that I've already updated the Learn MODx website to the most recent version of MODx Evolution 1.0.2.  If you started at the beginning with me and still have your site running on, please take a moment to upgrade your site.  You can watch this screencast on how to upgrade your MODx site. In this series on creating simple custom snippets, we're going to look at the basics of creating your own snippets.  I'm no PHP guru so we're not going to be doing anything crazy here :) but I hope to give you enough information to jump start you into exploring and digging further to create bigger and better things and see how truly powerful and extensible MODx is.  At this point I assume you know what a snippet is and have probably already used some snippets in your own MODx websites.  (If you don't know what a snippet is, please go over the MODx Beginner Series as that will help lay the foundation for this series).

In this short post I am going to cover the workaround to a problem I've run into installing MODx Revolution (currently in Beta 5) on Wampserver.   I am using the most current version of Wampserver at the time of this posting - 2.0i, with Apache 2.2.11, MySQL 5.1.36, and PHP 5.2.11.   By default Wampserver 2.0 comes with PHP 5.3.0 but you can add on other versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP and switch between them as needed.  I've been running Wampserver with the 5.2.11 version of PHP because I'm working on some old projects that haven't quite caught up with 5.3 yet and throw a lot of errors when I try to run them in 5.3. When I start the install, it works fine until the point where the Installation Summary shows up and I get an error regarding the MySQL client version.

In this first of a series of interviews on the Coding Pad, I talked to Shaun McCormick, MODx Foundation and Lead UI Developer. shaun_mccormick1. Hi Shaun, most of us who are members of the MODx community know you better as splittingred (your MODx forums username).  Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Hi, I work for Collabpad, the company behind MODx, and work from home in Austin, Texas (the best city in the US). I love my wife Jamie, Jesus, playing any instrument I can get my hands on, audio recording, chess, poker, my church Hope in the City, and fruit snacks. I am also always up for a good game of basketball, even though I will usually lose. Did I mention I love fruit snacks? :) 2. What is your development background? When did you start programming, what languages have you worked with?

In this screencast we will start exploring MODx Revolution, which at the time of this posting is at Beta 5.  We will install Revolution and then proceed to look a little bit at the manager, create a resource, install some addons, and just start to get a feel for it.  While Revolution is still in beta version and not recommended…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently writing a column for the HostColor web hosting blog called Mary's Corner.  HostColor a Web Hosting company that sponsors the MODx CMS project and they offer a variety of hosting plans including a specific MODx Hosting plan.  Below is a roundup of the posts you can find there for November.…