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I thought I would take a minute today, take a little detour, and share a resource I've discovered recently that is an absolute MUST for anyone who wants to learn and master Drupal.  NodeOne is a Scandinavian Drupal shop and they have the most amazing collection of free video and written Drupal tutorials prepared by Johan Falk.  Johan is a…

I've just added a new screencast to the MODx Video Tutorials website on understanding MODx Revolution templates, tag syntax, and resource field tags. To see the full notes and related links and such, and to ask questions and discuss this screencast, check out

Welcome to part 11 of the MODx Revolution for Complete Beginners series.  Apologies for the delay in the series, I've been pretty buried in work and such.  In this installment we’re going to continue exploring how to create a page that aggregates content from several different pages using the getResources snippet, such as you would find in a magazine style website, or a blog, or a news website, etc.  The aspect we will look at today is how to add pagination to the pages holding our aggregated content, and for this purpose we will be using the getPage snippet.  We will continue working on the resource site for learning MODx Revolution that we've been building through this series.  We’re using the 7 in 1 Business Success Site Template from Themeforest, although you can follow along with any template that you choose.  Let's get started :)

Just a quick post introducing the Coding Pad Screencasts itunes channel that we recently launched.  This channel will feature all our recent screencasts as well as all upcoming ones that have anything to do with web development or programming. This includes screencasts not posted on this blog.  It's FREE to subscribe, so head on to the itunes store, search for…

In the last couple of days the MODX team released the latest version of the MODx Revolution CMS, 2.1.0-pl.  This new version comes with support for more databases, and improved performance among other enhancements.  I highly recommend that you upgrade your existing Revolution sites to this new stable release.  If you're following the MODx beginner series here on the Coding Pad, go ahead and upgrade your install as I will also be upgrading the site that we're building to 2.1.0 before the next tutorial installment, so we'll all be on the same page for the rest of the series. I have posted a video tutorial on how to upgrade a Revolution site at .  The steps that I have outlined in that screencast are: