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Welcome to the first ever Coding Pad Blog Contest!! We're giving away some stuff - so read on! What's the occasion? - None really, just thought it would be cool to celebrate the  MODx Content Management Framework/System What's my goal? - To get more exposure for MODx and to get more people interested in MODx and it's power and flexibility.  And ofcourse, to invite more interaction on the Coding Pad :) What's up for grabs? -

  • A copy of the MODx Web Development book by Antonio Solar John.  This is the first ever MODx book in the English language.  I currently have three copies to give away to three winners, but hope to get more in the coming days.
  • In addition to the book, the top winning entry will also get a namecheap account with $20 credit (you can use this for purchasing domain names) and a three month membership to the tuts+ network!
  • In addition to the book, the second winning entry will get a three month membership to the tuts+ network.
  • In addition to the book, the third winning entry will get an opportunity for some free MODx consulting from's Shane Sponagle, an experienced MODx Developer.  You get to choose from one of two consulting options: an analysis of your MODx website with a report on how to improve your website, or 2 hours of email support consulting.  You will have three months from the day the contest ends to utilize the consultation.
  • The fourth and fifth winning entries will each get a one month membership to the tuts+ network
I anticipate that I will have more prizes to offer to the winning entries, and to allow more winning entries.

If you have a large csv file that you have tried to open in Excel, you know how troublesome that can be, because Excel is limited in the number of rows and columns of data it can handle - 65,536 rows of data and 256 columns per worksheet. Truncation of rows or columns in excess of the limit is automatic…

In previous posts we've discussed getting your csv files into sql format using different methods. I walked you through the process from csv to sql using HeidiSQL and PHPMyAdmin. I then did a follow up on how to import a large csv file into a MySQL database using the MySQL command prompt. In all these instances, what we were essentially…