Want to Take MODx (Evolution or Revolution) for a Test Run?


If you want to take MODx Revolution beta (or any other MODx release) for a test run without going through the install process for yourself, you can do so at MODx Demo, a website that lets you try out both the front end and the back end to get a feel for it.

Those of you who’ve been following my MODx tutorials already have a nice feel for Evolution but you may not have ventured into the world of MODx Revolution yet, so this is a great way to see what it looks like and get a feel for the changes.

Make sure you take a glance at the Demo limitations so you know what to expect.


UPDATE: Looks like the demo has been removed from the site.  If I find another one or it gets restored I will post an update here.  If you guys know of any revo demos that people can play with let me know in the comments.

Best Resources for Learning PHP from the Ground Up – Newbie Goodies


I’ve been teaching myself PHP on and off for a while now, and in the process I’ve amassed sources and links, some of which have been very useful and others very frustrating, with some in the middle.  There are numerous blogs, websites, and forums out there from which you can pick enough information to build a complete project and call yourself a PHP guru, and I think I have probably looked at most if not all of them, and have many of them bookmarked somewhere. In this post I plan to share what I have found to be the best (mostly free) resources for a complete beginner to PHP.

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Akismet + WP SpamFree = Happy WordPress Blogging

Blog comment spam is inevitable.  That’s just the reality.  Akismet and WP-SpamFree are two plugins that together have saved me a lot of time moderating comments on my blog.

Just a quick look at my most recent spam stats since I activated the two – I first activated Akismet and then realized I needed more:


Now I’m still a small fish in the world of blogging, but I can honestly say these two plugins are life savers.  Akismet comes preinstalled with recent versions of WordPress, and you can download WP Spamfree from Scott Allen’s website .  You can leave him a nice thank you or follow him on Twitter (@TheWebGeek) and say thanks to him there.  You can also WP SpamFree on Twitter (@WP-SpamFree) 🙂

What plugins/strategies do you find useful for fighting spam on your wordpress blog?

MODx Web Development – MODx Book Now Available!


The first ever (I believe) MODx book is now available!  It is titled MODx Web Development, authored by Antano Solar John and  published by Packtpub.

You can get a copy of MODx Web Development at Packtpub (ebook costs $22.39, paperback costs $35.99, bundle costs $40.79).

Here is a quick rundown of the contents of the book:

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Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide Book – Initial Impressions

I recently got a copy of the new Drupal 6: Ultimate Community Site Guide ebook by Dorien Herremans to review. I am currently working through it and will be putting up a comprehensive review soon, but I wanted to share my initial impressions with you, having read through the first few chapters and skimmed the rest of the book.  Let me preface this all by saying that I am really really looking forward to working though this book.

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